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Lord Advocate Does Not Investigate Crimes

According to the following letter from Allison Wood of the Criminal Law & Licensing Division of the Scottish Government, The Lord Advocate does not investigate Crimes and particularly under section 194J.

Allison Wood Re, Lord Advocate Letter

Though I have serious concerns over exactly why she is answering for the Lord Advocate in the first place, She also acts as PA to kenny MacAskill and has also answered the following letter on behalf of Thomas Hastie:

Allison Wood Re, Thomas Hastie Letter

Exactly where she got the information that I had telephoned Mr MacAskill's office saying I did not require an answer to my e-mail is very disturbing, No such call was ever made.

It is equally disturbing that I wrote to Mr Hastie or E-Mailed him on 7th November 2008 and this is only replied to on 31st march 2009.

My concerns raised actually started with an E-Mail to Kenny MacAskill concerning why the SCCRC would commission a report from Tim Valentine in the case of Megrahi but not in my case when the only evidence against me at trial was 2 Positive Identifications.

I was concerned double standards were being employed with SCCRC and equality of arms was being ignored.

Needless to say this has never been answered by the letter above, Mr MacAskill ignores all these issues concerning SCCRC despite them falling within his remit of power as Justice Secretary.

I still await an answer to the letter and indeed 11 page dossier I handed to Mr MacAskill at the SCCRC conference and as soon as it arrives it will be online here.

This dossier raised concerns in a number of cases rejected by SCCRC.