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Defective Representation



Bill Taylor QC above claims he did not know about two Witnesses one for the defence and one cited by Crown.
His statements in this regards can be read on the documents page of this website

From his website: Jim Keegan defence lawyer who messed up my case so badly now has the title QC.


Jim Keegan after Wullie Gages trial

 .The defective representations in my case come in the following form:



  • Defence team failed to interview 16 of 19 defence witness's before my trial


  • Defence team cited witness's without having any statements.


  • Defence team failed to obtain second ID Parade report despite knowing of the significance of someone being Identified Positive.


  • Defence team failed to call exculpatory Forensic Evidence


  • Defence team failed to call crucial Crown witness ie, Livingstone, Wilson and Tiffney, Livingston claimed the driver was someone double my age, Wilson said the guy that got his window smashed ran into Raeburn Rigg while Ashford claimed he never, Tiffney backs Wilson but so do other witness's like Clark and Callan. Ashfords statement actually contradicts his evidence.


  • Defence failed to call Solicitor that claimed the police (Muckle) had number 2 out his mouth before turning to view Parade.


  • Defence team failed to challenge the police showing photos


  • Defence team failed to challenge the arresting officers being involved with the running of the ID Parade with One assisting with witness's, the other present in the parade room, when they should never have participated at-all.


  • Defence called a witness and failed to challenge him regarding the police and his criminal injuries claim, (Mr Hamilton was called and never asked if the police said they would mess up his criminal injuries if he said he saw me at his van) Bill Taylor QC told me he did not want to be seen to be calling the police liars and this was one of the reasons for me sacking him.


  • Defence team failed to interview at least 6 crown witness's.


  • Defence team failed to challenge adequately the evidence of a Crucial Crown witness (Ashford) on the many discrepancies in his evidence.


  • Defence team failed to call my Brother (Allan) who could have confirmed one of the hammers taken from my house belonged to him and was not in my possession at the time Crown claimed the Robbery was committed. (He only brought the hammer to my house the night before my arrest 15th Dec 1981.


  • Bill Taylor QC told the (SLAB) Scottish Legal Aid Board that I had no grounds of appeal, This was only done after I sacked him, Legal aid was refused for further consultations with any other defence team and my application for leave to appeal was rejected on 7th October 1982. (Unrepresented)


SCCRC found no faults with any of these matters and indeed did not even ask the defence team why they failed so drastically.


William Beck