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Posted by justiceforwulliebeck on April 29, 2009 at 2:02 PM

Today was the 10th Anniversary Conference in Glasgow for the Scottish Criminal Case Review Commission. William Beck who has been fighting for 28 years for justice, had to pay £102 to go to this conference just so that he can ask questions of the Justice Minister and others at this conference. Wullie will have his own report on how things went for him from inside the conference. See: www.justiceforwulliebeck.webs.com Ed Milne was also inside at the event to ask his own questions, as well as John and Cathy from MOJO, whom we met with outside the venue. Outside the venue, me, Frank, (my husband) Louise (Wullie's wife) His two daughters and one of their boyfriends, plus Louise's brother stood outside with placards and leaflets to hand out to the public. We were a small gathering but a very effective one. It has given us a much needed boost to continue to go out to the public with Wullie's case and other cases too. We will be doing leaflet drops again soon. We met Chris Shead and other lawyers and officials. We saw so many people we recognised. Many of them took the leaflets Wullie had made, which was brilliant. Cars hooted their horns to show support. Most of all we met the public, who I have to say where extremely supportive. We had no problem at all of getting rid of the leaflets. In fact people were coming up to us and asking for them. When we ran out of leaflets, we gave people Wullie's website to look at. Several people actually came back to tell us they had already looked at the site and were appalled at what had happened in Wullie's case. We did take pictures and they will be added to the site very soon. Louise handed Kenny MacAskill a leaflet, and he took it and thanked her. We saw him and many other official looking people reading the leaflets. Wullie actually had to come out and ask us for some leaflets to hand out inside as people were asking for them. Members of the public came up to us with their stories of injustice and also to say they knew injustice did happen. People were genuinely interested. Take note documentary and news media, the public are indeed interested in these stories and want to know more. We spoke to Scottish, English, Irish, Norwegian and Dutch people about miscarriage of justices. We even saw Frank McGarvey, an old Celtic and St Mirren player, who came round to have a look at the placards. A member of the Norwegian Criminal Case Review Commission came down and spoke with us and took photo's also As did some photographer from inside the event. An editor came along and spoke with us and went to her office, looked at the site, then came back to take photo's of us all. She said she admired the fact we were standing up for what we believed in. What was particularly nice was the fact that Wullie's own family were all there, and watching his wife and daughters tell people who asked all about their fight for justice, was particularly humbling. Meeting the public and talking to them about Wullie's case and many other cases too was absolutley brilliant. We had quite a gathering of people at times and they never stopped coming in the 5 hours we stood on our peaceful, but information issuing day. It really has made me and the others want to do more of the same, not protesting as such, but telling people face to face about what is happening to people. It really was an effective day and so many more people now know about Wullie's case. We have already had many hits on his site with people looking to see what it is all about. I hope the next time we do this, that others will become involved. Today was a sort of experiment to see how things went, and we couldnt believe how quick many hundereds of leaflets went. And not once did we find one lying around on the streets. We met many kind and funny people today and it restored my faith that there are people who do care and who do want to help. They just do not know how to help. With our help, then maybe just maybe they will learn how to help miscarriage of justice victims and their families. We will have photo's online soon for anyone who wants to see them. Below is some of the information we managed to get out to people. It is not acceptable that witnesses are not interviewed in EVERY case. In cases where it is glaringly obvious that something is very wrong, every remedy should be taken to ensure that the whole case is looked at. This is not happening. The SCCRC are not investigating all cases as they claim they are. We believe that this conference is simply a back slapping exercise which will not highlight what they have not done for people. We aim to highlight the injustice being inflicted on those who have applied to the SCCRC. It is time that the Scottish public are told what their hard earned taxes are paying for. People want to believe the system is working for the good of all. No one wants to see innocent men and women being imprisoned and unjustly treated. Yet this is what is happening with their money and in their name. It is time to take a stand and say, “NOT IN MY NAME” The SCCRC is supposed to be impartial. Experience tells us this is not true. They can refuse to refer cases when competent and proper grounds exist. They ask for expert opinions in some cases and not in others. They do not give every case the same standard of probity despite their claims to do so. YOU CANNOT COMPLAIN ABOUT THEIR CONDUCT. They are answerable to NO ONE! Not even the High Courts. The Chief Executive can deal with complaints about himself. They do not represent appellants They hold all their meetings in secret. They cover up for the colleagues. They do not investigate defective representation. They do not investigate their own. They do not always ask Crown for all evidence they hold. They lie about who, and what evidence is gathered. They can release juror’s details, with no one being held accountable. In some cases, they interview NO witnesses at all. Some cases are referred while others with the exact same grounds are rejected. 95% of their staff are from the legal profession. Some even sit as judges and at appeals. The Chief Executive holds 4 jobs within the establishment His jobs : a lawyer, a judge, a Solicitor and he sits on Law Society Committee’s.

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