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Posted by justiceforwulliebeck on September 21, 2008 at 5:22 PM

After my arrest on 15th April 2008 for an alleged "Breach Of The Peace" my MSP wrote the following letter to Livingston Police:

MSP to Livingston Police

He is as far as i am aware still awaiting a reply.

My Solicitor though has managed to ascertain the following:

1. I was not charged.

2. There is no report being sent to the Fiscal.

3. I have nothing to worry about he wrote.

So exactly why did two CID officers from Livingston travel to my house in Glasgow ?

A: The same police i have complained of since my conviction in 1982, that they:

1. Showed Photos before my ID Parade, Which should never have been allowed even by 1982 standards.

2. Allowed the two arresting officers to participate in the ID Parade with one Assisting with Witnesses ,Which should never be allowed, even by 1982 standards.

3. The Lawyer conducting My ID Parade noticed Nigel Muckle had number 2 out his mouth before turning to view the parade and he wrote such at the following:

Shaws note on his ID Parade Report

Unheard of in those days for police to visit an ID Parade and give their "Name and Address" But Muckle does this and fails to mention he was stationed at Livingston Too, Clearly a conflict of Interest there.

Now because his name and address appears in my arguments for disclosure with Crown Office his Friends and Colleagues appear at my door and arrest me under section 14.

A wee tad out of their Jurisdiction if you ask me for a breach of the peace (Livingston must be crime free they now travel to Glasgow)

The following questions now arise:

1. Why were two Colleagues allowed to deal with such complaint ?

2. Why were they not accompanied by Glasgow Police ?

3. Will they ever be allowed to do this to anyone else ?

4. What was the nature of their visit Or Complaint ?

I was not at-all comfortable about two strangers (Claiming to be from Livingston) arresting me but had the back up of CCTV which clearly captures all movements at my front door.
Had it not been for the CCTV i might not have went to the police station, What would have happened then ?

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