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SCCRC conference and protest

Posted by justiceforwulliebeck on April 28, 2009 at 1:20 PM

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Contact Details: Karen Torley


Email  [email protected]


Website: www.justiceforallinnocents.webs.com



We will be outside the Radisson Hotel to let people know what the SCCRC will NOT Tell the public at 9am on Wednesday 29 April 2009,  at The Radisson Hotel, Glasgow. Anyone who believes in openness and justice are welcome to come along.


William Beck who has been fighting for 28 years for justice, has had to pay ?102 to go to this conference just so that he can ask questions of the Justice Minister.

See: www.justiceforwulliebeck.webs.com


We will be handing out leaflets and letting the public know what the truth is about how things are handled by the SCCRC..


On the 29th April 2009, the Scottish Criminal Case Review Commission will host a conference to highlight how ?well? it has done for people asking for a review of their cases. They will highlight successes but not their failures, which are many.


Their conference will be to tell the public and the media how well they have done in the ten years they have existed. 

While we are aware of the need for such an organisation to be in existence, we are also aware that they should be held accountable for their actions and inactions at times. This is not happening.


It is not acceptable for some cases to be referred and others not, when the cases all have the same grounds to appeal.


William Gage is still waiting to hear about his case, despite the SCCRC saying it takes 18 months maximum to get a decision.  See: www.williegage.blogspot.com and www.whygage.com


It is not acceptable that witnesses are not interviewed in EVERY case.


In cases where it is glaringly obvious that something is very wrong, every remedy should be taken to ensure that the whole case is looked at. This is not happening. The SCCRC are not investigating all cases as they claim they are.


We believe that this conference is simply a back slapping exercise which will not highlight what they have not done for people. We aim to highlight the injustice being inflicted on those who have applied to the SCCRC.


It is time that the Scottish public are told what their hard earned taxes are paying for.  People want to believe the system is working for the good of all.

No one wants to see innocent men and women being imprisoned and unjustly treated. Yet this is what is happening with their money and in their name.

It is time to take a stand and say, ?NOT IN MY NAME?



The SCCRC is supposed to be impartial. Experience tells us this is not true.


  • They can refuse to refer cases when competent and proper grounds exist.
  • They ask for expert opinions in some cases and not in others.
  • They do not give every case the same standard of probity despite their claims to do so.
  • The are answerable to NO ONE! Not even the High Courts.
  • The Chief Executive can deal with complaints about himself.
  • The do not represent appellants
  • They hold all their meetings in secret.
  • They cover up for the colleagues.
  • The do not investigate defective representation.
  • The do not investigate their own.
  • They do not always ask Crown for all evidence they hold.
  • They lie about who, and what evidence is gathered.
  • They can release juror?s details, with no one being held accountable.
  • In some cases, they interview NO witnesses at all.
  • Some cases are referred while others with the exact same grounds are rejected.
  • 95% of their staff are from the legal profession.
  • Some even sit as judges and at appeals.
  • The Chief Executive holds 4 jobs within the establishment

His jobs :  a lawyer, a judge, a Solicitor and he sits on Law Society Committee?s.









The SCCRC will be hosting a conference to mark its 10th Anniversary. This will be an opportunity for the Commission to reflect on its first 10 years and to consider some of the issues that may impact on both the work of the Commission and the criminal justice system in the future. The results of the Commission?s first research project on referred cases will also be presented.


SCCRC 10th Anniversary Event
Wednesday 29 April 2009
The Radisson Hotel, Glasgow

Time 9am


The Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission is a public body which was established by statute in 1999.  It is responsible for investigating alleged miscarriages of justice in Scotland and has the power to refer appropriate cases to the High Court.  The Commission is funded by the Scottish Government and is accountable to the Scottish Parliament for those funds.

The Commission?s review of cases is completely independent of the Parliament, the Scottish Government, the courts, the Crown and the Defence.  All cases accepted by the Commission are subjected to a thorough, impartial review before a decision is taken on whether or not to a reference to the High Court should be made.



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