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Letter from a Very Prominent Glasgow Lawyer


This was the advice I got when seeking help with my grounds for an application to the SCCRC.

 It clearly shows a severe reluctance of Solicitors to go against their colleagues.

Even though this very prominent Glasgow Lawyer thought I had great grounds for appeal, he did not want to know because he was very reluctant to go against his colleague Mr Keegan.

There is a ridiculous culture in the Scottish legal profession that people are denied justice due to loyalties Solicitors have to their friends and colleagues.


 High Profile Lawyer


Quote from the William Mills case: "This was a prosecution that stood or fell by eye-witness identification alone. That is a form of proof that has been shown to be, in some cases, a dangerous basis for a prosecution, as history shows," said Lord Gill.

"It is a matter of concern that an important part of the case for the prosecution was the evidence of two police officers, neither eye-witnesses, who made positive statements that Mills was the robber on the basis of looking at CCTV stills. The new evidence confirms all our reservations about this conviction."