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Press Attention For Appeal
High Court Documents
Sunday Mail 9th June 2013
George Davis: Wullie Beck is innocent
Plans of Raeburn Rigg
Robert King Of Angola 3 Visits Glasgow.
Scottish Law Society 60th Anniversary
Leaflet from Protest
SCCRC conference and protest
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Quote from the William Mills case: "This was a prosecution that stood or fell by eye-witness identification alone. That is a form of proof that has been shown to be, in some cases, a dangerous basis for a prosecution, as history shows," said Lord Gill.

"It is a matter of concern that an important part of the case for the prosecution was the evidence of two police officers, neither eye-witnesses, who made positive statements that Mills was the robber on the basis of looking at CCTV stills. The new evidence confirms all our reservations about this conviction."